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58% decrease in cost per view in online advertising
Improve decision making

Together with GetBlue we built a customised CTR-model and a bidding engine. It increased their overall performance numbers and can now programmatically adjust its bid-strategy to ensure maximum value.

Case in brief
Case in brief


GetBlue could not predict the probability of when a consumer would click a banner and as such had no clear way of differentiating their bid prices.


We build a CTR model through machine learning. Based on this model we created an algorithm to minimise and set the desired CPC.

What artificial intelligence added

AI made it possible to predict the clicks for banner ads in campaigns and minimise CPC.

decrease in cost per thousands views
decrease in cost per click
increase in win rate

In order to stay competitive, advertisers need to keep up with the latest developments in ad performance and advertising trends. The performance of an online advertisement network is complex and difficult to measure. There are many factors that affect the performance of your ads, including the sise of your ad budget and the amount of traffic you can generate.

GetBlue is a company that's helping businesses get the most out of their ad spend. We have built a customised CTR and bidding engine for GetBlue that can change the bid price of the ads depending on what auctions they participate in. This means that we are able to bid more aggressively when we see a lot of demand for our ads, but reduce our bids when we’re not getting many impressions or conversions.

With the help of Halfspace, GetBlue can now look at their data and make decisions on what is and isn't working for them. They have the ability to optimise for performance instead of just budget. This makes them more efficient in their spend and allows them to focus on what matters most: return on investment.

What our client say

"To work with a company like Halfspace has been incredible. The speed, agility, knowledge and expert hands-on development of well scoped machine learning models has been a true eye opener on what is achievable to our organisation"


Key takeaways

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, companies can optimise marketing campaigns by adjusting bids automatically based on real-time data. This means that companies can always be optimising ads for maximum revenue while maintaining a high win rate and low CPC.

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