We were born out of sports and know that the smallest edge can make the biggest difference


Our journey began with sports by crunching data and numbers to predict outcomes in live football matches, using powerful AI technologies. Today we've brought this approach to industry, to help make advanced analytics (AA) and AI real in a variety of organisations.

We help these organisations utilise data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence within a well-structured AAAI-Framework to create business value, drive a data-driven sustainability agenda, become truly customer-centric, and maximise return on investments.

‏‏‎We combine knowledge from PhDs in physics, engineering and applied mathematics with data engineers, computer scientists, AI scientists and researchers. We derive from Stanford, Caltech, Imperial, Oxford, CERN, Harvard, Yale, McKinsey, BCG, and more.

We believe that everything good comes when working as a team, using our brain trust across a variety of disciplines and connecting people, data, computing power, algorithms and models to help our clients make better, more informed decisions, faster.

People of Halfspace
Portrait of Pierre Pinson
Pierre Pinson
Chief Scientist

Pierre is Professor, Chair of data-centric design engineering and Deputy Head of School for the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College, London. Prior to moving to London, Pierre was a Professor with DTU - Technical University of Denmark for more than 16 years - Initially as Professor in Energy Analytics and Markets, followed by a position as Professor of Operations Research and Analytics.

As Chief Scientist at Halfspace, Pierre is focused on the use of cutting-edge AI technologies and technical problem solving to help our partners achieve and maintain a competitive edge.

Pierre is as well the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Forecasting and a Director of the International Institute of Forecasters. ‎ ‎

Portrait of Claus Bek Nielsen
Claus Bek Nielsen
Founding Partner & CEO

Claus is founding partner and CEO of Halfspace, advising on- and enabling management and leadership teams to drive analytics and AI initiatives. He has years of experience in building advanced technical teams to support commercial strategies, and has served as an advisor to senior leaders in well-known Danish and American organisations on AI use case maturity and investments in AI.

Prior to founding Halfspace, Claus co-founded two of the most recognised online platforms in Scandinavia, within gaming and fashion blogs. 

He is a former world top 10 ranked backgammon player by World Series of Backgammon.

Portrait of Isabel Rosendal Krogtoft
Isabel Rosendal Krogtoft
Lead Engagement Manager

Isabel draws upon her commercial experience as a strategic advisor, business strategist and client lead to top-tier C-25 organisations within strategic business development and consulting on how to use insights to develop better customer experiences.

Isabel holds a M.Sc in Economic Marketing & Consumer Behavior.

Portrait of Mikkel Bjørn
Mikkel Bjørn
Partner & Associate Director, Data Science

Mikkel is a Partner & Associate Director, Data Science at Halfspace. He holds a PhD in experimental particle physics from the University of Oxford and the LHCb collaboration at the CERN laboratory and an MSc in theoretical physics from the Niels Bohr Institute.

‏‏‎ ‎

Mikkel works with our clients to create sustained and lasting value through advanced analytics and AI solutions, and supports the entire development life cycle, from driving ideation and design to the implementation of sophisticated statistical and machine learning models, and finally communicating findings to executives, translating rigorous analysis into actionable conclusions.

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‎Prior to joining Halfspace, Mikkel worked with Nordea Markets in their Desk Quant's Division, has been analysing the shipping industry with SeaIntel Maritime Analysis and has been teaching physics and mathematics courses at DTU and the University of Oxford. Always curious, Mikkel has won a bronze medal from the International Physics Olympiad Finals in Mexico in 2009, been a visiting student at Caltech, and studied Political Sciences for one year between his bachelor's and master's in Physics, achieving top results all around.

Portrait of Sebastian Daugaard
Sebastian Daugaard
Partner & Associate Director, Data Science

Sebastian is Partner & Associate Director, Data Science at Halfspace. He was the first person ever in the Nordics, to be fast-tracked at BCG GAMMA, before joining Halfspace as Staff Data Scientist. He has been involved in several advanced analytics and AI projects in various industries across Europe - from pharma to consumer and industrial goods to the airline industry.

Sebastian holds an MSc in industrial engineering and management with a specialisation in Operations Research and Machine Learning from DTU.

Portrait of Esther Chevrot-Bianco
Esther Chevrot-Bianco
Data Scientist

Esther holds a PhD in economics and has done remarkably well during her academic career. She holds a MSc in Management from Audencia Business School in Nantes (honors), a MSc in Economics from Paris School of Economics (High honors) and received highest honors (rank 1/500+) from University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonneduring her BSc.

During her PhD studies at the University of Copenhagen, Esther was a visiting scholar at Yale University and a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School. She has a strong expertise in causal inference and worked with a wide array of techniques, including A/B tests and advanced econometric modelling.

Esther comes with work experience as a consultant during her studies and as a business development associate with Universal Music Groupin Paris.

In her spare time, Esther is a Volunteer at Data for Good, a community of 4000+ tech volunteers helping associations and NGOs with their data challenges.

Portrait of Simon Nielsen
Simon Nielsen
Client Director

Simon Nielsen is Client Director at Halfspace. He has years of experience from Fortune 500 companies, and was named Talent 100 in 2018 by business newspaper, Berlingske.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Simon spent four years at Microsoft as a Senior Data & AI Specialist, where he helped numerous public and private organisations with their data and AI journeys.

Portrait of Simon Kristiansen
Simon Kristiansen
Partner & Associate Director, Engineering

Simon is a co-founder, partner & Associate Director, Engineering at Halfspace. He partners with our clients, from engineering and data science teams to end-users and senior management, to understand their needs and build impactful analytics solutions.

‏‏‎ ‎

He holds a Ph.D. in operations research and applied math from DTU with deep insight in optimisation. Simon has a bronze medal from the unofficial World Cup in Schedule Planning.

Portrait of Rasmus Nørregård
Rasmus Nørregård
Partner & Chief Analytics Officer

Rasmus is a partner and Chief Analytics Officer at Halfspace. He has an extensive experience in driving large scale analytics and AI projects within industries such as pharma, manufacturing and retail. 

‏‏‎ ‎

Prior to joining Halfspace, Rasmus spent 6.5 years with BCG, the past 3 years as Lead Data Scientist for the BCG GAMMA Copenhagen Office, building its Danish presence. He further served as Global Coordinator at the BCG GAMMA CoE for Analytics and AI projects across the globe. 

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎Rasmus holds a BSc and MSc with Honors in Chemical Engineering from DTU and has been a visiting student at Caltech. 

Portrait of Thomas Dalgas Rasmussen
Thomas Dalgas Rasmussen
Partner & Associate Director, Engineering

Thomas is a Partner & Associate Director, Engineering at Halfspace. He works closely with our clients, from engineering teams to end-users and senior management, to understand their needs and build impactful engineering and analytics solutions. 

‏‏‎ ‎

He holds a M.Sc. in Management Engineering from DTU and have previously worked at KPMG followed by Nordea Markets IT, building analysis and reporting software solutions for the Analytics Division. Thomas is a former 2. Division football player.

Portrait of Kasper Nagel Nielsen
Kasper Nagel Nielsen
CO-Founder & Chief Engineer

Kasper is a co-founder and Chief Engineer at Halfspace. He has extensive experience in leading client engagements, from engineering teams to end-users and senior management, to understand their needs and build scalable, robust and resilient data infrastructures, laying the foundation for advanced analytics and AI solutions. 

‏‏‎ ‎

Kasper has been in the game of data and software engineering for more than two decades and has previously held positions within the financial sector (Danske Bank/Danske Data), mobile payment solutions and platform solutions. 

‏‏‎ ‎

His expertise lies at the intersection of scalable data infrastructure, software engineering, math and data analysis. Kasper has co-founded several startups and is a former ranked backgammon no 1. in Denmark.

Portrait of Ditte Marie Næstoft Jakobsen
Ditte Marie Næstoft Jakobsen
Partner & Chief People Officer

As a Partner and Chief People Officer, Ditte operate at the intersection of building organisation and culture with a strong emphasis on people development and leadership coaching.

Her academic background is rooted in a MSc within Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), an executive certification from Columbia University and a MSc in Positive Psycology from Aarhus University. 

Prior to joining Halfspace, Ditte has amassed an impressive track record over the past 20 years. working as a strategy consultant at QVARTZ and an Associate Partner at Vertical Strategy (both now Bain & Company), and with corporate institutions such as Danske Bank and Danica Pension, specialising in B2C and go-to-market strategies.

Most recently, Ditte served as a Partner at the strategy consulting firm, Round, where she headed the People Development practice. Throughout her career, Ditte has championed human-centric cultures, inclusive leadership, diversity, and people development.

Portrait of Vera Patrício
Vera Patrício
Data Scientist

Vera is a Data Scientist at Halfspace helping our clients leverage their data to make better, more informed decisions, faster.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Vera did a PhD in astrophysics and spent two years as a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Copenhagen. Vera has industry experience from in companies like London-based Faculty, Danske Bank, Pandora and Dixa.

Vera has spent most of her industry career working on healthcare, finance, consumer goods and large-scale platforms. In her spare time Vera enjoys hiking and skiing in the mountains, and bouldering in Copenhagen.

Portrait of Jacob Jepsen
Jacob Jepsen
Staff Data Engineer

Jacob is a promotor of clinical engineering and an ambassador to clean code practices. He is supporting teams and ensures that our deliveries are scalable, robust and architecturally well-crafted. 

‏‏‎ ‎

Prior to joining Halfspace Jacob has several years of experience as a data engineer from working in IT- and pharma companies. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from DIKU with specialisation in high performance computing. 

Jacob is a former top ranked player in the original Warcraft III DotA e-sport game.

Portrait of Rebekka Madsen
Rebekka Madsen
Data Scientist

Rebekka Madsen is a Data Scientist at Halfspace.

At Halfspace, Rebekka is leveraging her expertise in data analysis, modelling, and market research to support our AI projects across various industries to help our clients make more informed decisions, faster.

Rebekka brings a wealth of analytical skills to our team. She holds a double BSc in Artificial Intelligence & Data from DTU - Technical University of Denmark and International Business from Copenhagen Business School. Furthermore, she has industry experience from companies like Bain & Company, Salesforce and Dreamcraft Ventures.

Portrait of Mathias Rønnow Jørgensen
Mathias Rønnow Jørgensen
Senior Data Scientist

Mathias is a Senior Data Scientist and part of our world-class Data Science and Analytics team, helping our clients make better, more informed decisions, faster.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Mathias worked with McKinsey & Company as a consultant with a focus on technology strategy. At Halfspace, Mathias has returned to his roots, building on his expertise and knowledge from developing technology strategies, data- and market analyses, and hands-on development of advanced analytics models.

With a PhD in Quantum physics from DTU - Technical University of Denmark, Mathias’ brings a strong background in advanced analytics. During his PHD, Mathias developed algorithms to simulate a variety of open quantum systems with applications to quantum sensing technology.

Portrait of Emilie Josephine Lindblad
Emilie Josephine Lindblad
Engagement Manager

Emilie has years of industry experience having worked as a consultant with Data2Decisions and most recently having spent 6 years with Danske Bank as Senior Analyst in Future Finance, Data Scientist in New Ventures, Digital Lead and Head of Sustainability Assessment and Product Owner for the digital Sustainability Squad with a high focus on ESG risk assessment, Carbon footprint and green loans.

Emilie comes with a background from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), having obtained a BSc in Mathematics and Economics and an MSc in Business Administration and Management Science.

Portrait of Adam Haxholdt
Adam Haxholdt
Brand Director

Adam comes with vast experience in art direction and design, concept development, strategy and animation, and has worked with leading brands across the world including L'oreal, Coca Cola, 7Eleven, PwC and many more.

He holds a BSc in creative communication from DMJX -Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole(Danish School of Media and Journalism), and graduated from the Eurobest Digital Academy.

Adam is a part of our Experience team, a strategic initiative to enhance our award-winning AI solutions with design thinking and user-centric principles.

Before joining Halfspace, Adam initially started his career working as an Art Director with design companies such as Brandhouse, JWT and Wonderland, accumulating over a decade of industry experience, after which he co-founded the creative agency, Final Final, a dynamic and collaborative space where talented individuals from various artistic disciplines, fostered a multidisciplinary portfolio of campaigns, strategies, films and visual content.

Portrait of Rune Christiansen
Rune Christiansen
Senior Data Scientist

Rune holds a PhD in statistics under the supervision of world-renowned Professor Jonas Peters and has spent much of his research career exploring the application of causal methods to machine learning. At Halfspace, Rune works with highly advanced models and algorithms to solve complex challenges for our clients. 

He has been involved in groundbreaking papers in the applied sciences, including a Nature publication in 2021. In his spare time, Rune sings in a rhythmic choir, brews homemade IPA and plays discgolf (current PR -7).

Portrait of Nils Smed
Nils Smed
Senior Experience Strategist

Nils is a part of our Experience team, a team that is set out to use design to craft human-machine interfaces that will enable our clients to leverage analytics and AI to their fullest effect. He draws upon many years of experience as both consultant and entrepreneur. Nils comes with a BSc in Cultural and Aesthetic Studies and did embark on his MSc in Experience Economy, before dropping out to build his own company.

‏‏‎ ‎

Prior to joining Halfspace, Nils helped companies such as IKEA, Ikano Bank, Danske Bank, COOP, Salling Group and many more with building various digital tools and digital business models. He has co-founded three companies, all within e-commerce, marketplaces and consultancy. At Halfspace, Nils helps identify user needs and build compelling digital experiences for end-users, ensuring that our data infusing methods make sense for regular users. He uses his UX research and design skills to ensure optimal endpoint experiences.

Portrait of Michael Hejselbak Jensen
Michael Hejselbak Jensen
Senior Data & Machine Learning Engineer

Michael is a member of the Halfspace engineering and data science team. He holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from DIKU with a specialisation in machine learning. Michael is a former European top three per cent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) player.

‏‏‎ ‎

Prior to joining Halfspace, Michael worked at the Danish research institute MEGAFON as a Statistical Research Assistant and at the University of Copenhagen as a Research Assistant.

Portrait of Svend Lund Breddam
Svend Lund Breddam
Senior Data & Machine Learning Engineer

Svend is a member of the Halfspace engineering- and data science team. Among the top students from DIKU, Svend’s expertise lies at the intersection of machine learning and high-performance computing, finding patterns in data and exploiting them to best solve problems while retaining speed and scalability.

‏‏‎ ‎

Svend also has a strong e-sport background and has accomplished what most gamers strive to accomplish their entire life, being a former Top 1% Overwatch player (20M players worldwide) and currently holding a Top 0.7% spot in CS:GO reaching the coveted rank of “Global Elite”. 

Portrait of Isa Kristina Kirk
Isa Kristina Kirk
Lead Engagement Manager

Isa is a Lead Engagement Manager at Halfspace and comes with a background as a pharma strategist and engineer.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Isa worked as a Senior Strategy Manager at LEO Pharma where she drove and supported strategy projects bridging the research and commercial agendas, identifying new business development approaches and generating business models with reference and direct deliverables to executive management, board and owners. 

Before joining LEO Pharma, Isa spent close to 4 years with QVARTZ, now a part of Bain & Co, where she worked on a variety of projects within operations excellence, strategy formulation and execution in industries such as manufacturing and pharma.

Isa holds an MSc with honours in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from DTU - Technical University of Denmark, and a PhD from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen. Isa has further been a visiting researcher at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, focused on personalised medicine and genetic relationship to disease within the areas of diabetes and psychiatric diseases.  

Portrait of Mikkel Mathiasen
Mikkel Mathiasen
Senior Data Scientist

Mikkel Mathiasen helps our clients leverage their data to make better, more informed decisions, faster. He is a part of our multi-disciplinary team of AI- and data scientists, machine learning engineers, data engineers, project managers and UX researchers. 

Mikkel comes with a background in mathematical modelling and computation, attaining his MSc from DTU - Technical University of Denmark. Prior to joining Halfspace, Mikkel worked with Airfinity Ltd as a Junior Data Scientist and AdPlenty as a Data Scientist.

He is an avid participant in competitions and won the Djøf / Boston Consulting Group (BCG) / Novozymes 'Doing Business In' case competition during his MSc. 

Portrait of Christian E.N. Hansen
Christian E.N. Hansen
Staff Data & Machine Learning Engineer

Christian is a member of the Halfspace engineering- and data science team. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from DTU, after having finished a B.Sc. in Computer Science from DIKU. 

‏‏‎ ‎

Christian has programmed since high school and is a supreme gamer having previously made his way to the world top 0.7% of CS:GO players named “Global Elite”. Furthermore he has managed to reach top 3% of the worlds best DotA2 players. 

‏‏‎ ‎

Prior to joining Halfspace, Christian worked at Rigshospitalet, followed by two years with Oticon building automated testing frameworks for Hearing Clinics.

Portrait of Natasha Klingenbrunn
Natasha Klingenbrunn
Senior Data Scientist

Natasha is a part of our world-class data scientist team - helping our clients leverage their data to make better, more informed decisions, faster.

Prior to joining Halfspace, she was at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Berlin. She graduated with honours in Computer Science and Engineering in the AI and algorithms track, and worked on multiple research projects in Time Series Forecasting, NLP, and Generative Models at DTU - Technical University of Denmark and at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Natasha previously co-founded a start-up, partnering with Danish SMVs to design data science solutions for their specific use cases. This period sparked her passion for finding creative technical solutions to industry problems.

Portrait of Frederik Jensen
Frederik Jensen
Senior Experience Strategist

Frederik is a part of our Experience team, with extensive experience in design. He has a long track record of building top-shelf digital products and services for a wide range of software startups and corporations such as Danske Bank, Continental, Novo Nordisk, Mobilepay, Volvo, P&G, Unicef and Bang & Olufsen.

‏‏‎ ‎

Prior to joining Halfspace, he worked as a consultant and launched several companies as an entrepreneur. Frederik helps our clients reach their potential by identifying needs and designing data-infused tools by using his skills in UX/UI and visual design to create digital experiences.

‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎He holds a BSc of Arts from the Design School Kolding, studied at Tongji University, and is a former alumni of world-renowned Hyper Island.

Portrait of Knut Akselvoll
Knut Akselvoll
Senior Advisor

Knut is a former partner at McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) followed by a position as COO of Ramboll Group. He draws upon more than 25 years of consulting and business experience and has been an advisor to large Scandinavian and international organisations. 

He has extensive experience with change management and business improvement efforts as well as strategy development and implementation, and holds a MSc. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University where he worked in the field of computational fluid dynamics. His Ph.D was sponsored by NASA and focused on developing mathematical models to simulate turbulent fluid flow. He programmed and ran his simulations on NASA’s mainframe supercomputers (Cray).

Portrait of Rune Lyng
Rune Lyng
Senior Data Engineer

Rune is a Senior Data Engineer at Halfspace, helping our clients build scalable, robust and resilient data infrastructures to support the growing need of advanced analytics and AI solutions that Halfspace are deploying. 

Prior to joining Halfspace, Rune spent 3 years as Assistant Professor at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology teaching software construction and web development, after which he spent 4 1/2 years with Abacus Medicine within their software team.

Portrait of Valeria Bega
Valeria Bega
Senior Data and Machine Learning Engineer

Valeria is a part of our Data and Machine Learning Engineering team.

Valeria holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, followed by a master's degree in Business and IT from CBS International Business School and DTU - Technical University of Denmark. Valeria's heart lies in having hands on data and developing code.

Before joining Halfspace Valeria worked at KPMG as a Machine Learning Consultant on a variety of projects, as well as heading the Prototyping Team (in the NewTech department), responsible for developing innovative POCs. 

Portrait of Christian Michelsen
Christian Michelsen
Data Scientist

Christian is a Data Scientist at Halfspace. He holds a PhD in physics from the Niels Bohr Institute.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Christian worked with professor Guido Sanguinetti, Head of the Machine Learning and Systems Biology Group at SISSA and recently published an article in Nature. His article, written with a group of co-writers, put focus on which animals and plants lived in Northern Greenland 2 million years ago.

Christian has further been a part of Statens Serum Institut where he developed an agent-based model to predict the spread of COVID-19 and optimised the model which allowed them to simulate the entire Danish population (5.8 million).

At Halfspace, Christian works at the intersection of data analysis and data science using his skills to help our clients leverage insights from advanced analytics.

In his spare time, Christian is a Julia programming language enthusiast and a professional wedding photographer.

Portrait of Albin Kristiansson
Albin Kristiansson
Lead Data & Platform Engineer

Albin Kristiansson is a Lead Data & Platform Engineer. Albin has extensive experience in cloud computing, DevOps, solution architecture and security.

Albin plays a crucial role in leading our platform engineering efforts. He ensures the security, scalability, reliability and performance of our AI infrastructure.

Albin has years of experience from working on large-scale platforms and engineering solutions.

He holds a double degree in Computer Science and Finance, with a specialisation in Data Science.

Portrait of Rasmus Leth Friis
Rasmus Leth Friis
Senior Data Engineer

Rasmus is a Senior Data Engineer at Halfspace, helping our clients build scalable, robust and resilient data infrastructures to support the growing need of advanced analytics and AI solutions that Halfspace are deploying.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Rasmus has years of experience as a consultant and as a software and data engineer within the financial sector, having worked at both Nordea Markets and Saxo Bank. 

Portrait of Sidsel Nag
Sidsel Nag
Senior Experience Strategist

Sidsel is a part of our Experience team, operating at the intersection of data, people and culture. She has consistently throughout her career bridged gaps between disciplines combining cutting-edge research from different fields to create the synergies that only multidisciplinary and holistic approaches can create. She is a former Postdoctoral Researcher from the Digitalisation Task Force and Research Data Management forum at DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

During the past +3 years, Sidsel has lead a data infrastructure team at DTU in relation to sharing research data and implementing the FAIR principles. She has further worked with the strategic aspect of DTU's positioning and digitisation profile in order to better compete with universities across the world.

Sidsel comes with a MSc in Molecular Biology and a PhD in International Health.

Portrait of Kacper Żyła
Kacper Żyła
Data Engineer

Kacper is a part of our Data Engineering team, helping our clients build scalable, robust and resilient data infrastructures to support the growing need of advanced analytics and AI solutions that Halfspace are deploying.

Kacper graduated from DTU - Technical University of Denmark with an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering.

In his spare time, Kacper has played piano for more than 10 years.

Portrait of Thomas Emil Ryde
Thomas Emil Ryde
Senior Data Scientist

Thomas is a part of our multi-disciplinary team of AI- and data scientists, machine learning engineers, data engineers, project managers and UX researchers. 

Prior to joining Halfspace, Thomas worked at Novo Nordisk within their Software as a Medical Device department. 

He holds a MSc. in Mathematical Modelling and Computation from DTU with specialisation in machine learning and optimisation, and has been a visiting student at Caltech.

Portrait of Bartłomiej Granat
Bartłomiej Granat
Senior Data Scientist

Bartek is a part of Data Science team. He supports our clients in making informed decisions efficiently.

Bartek holds a BSc in Data Science from the Warsaw University of Technology and won a prize for his thesis under the IEEE and a MSc in Human-Centered AI from DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

Before joining Halfspace, he spent time at PwC, starting their Data Talent Lab Mentorship Program and becoming a full-time Data Scientist. He was recognized for developing a high-frequency forecasting tool. Subsequently, he further honed his skills as an AI Engineer at Thirdroom®, where he specialized in recommendation and search engines.

Portrait of Camilla Stilbo
Camilla Stilbo
Office Manager

Camilla is our Office Manager making sure daily operations run smoothly and efficiently. Camilla comes with a background as an Accounting Assistant from Niels Brock and has worked for several years as an Accounting Assistant at both Samsøe Samsøe and Won Hundred. 

Portrait of Wojciech Ciok
Wojciech Ciok
Experience Engineer

Wojciech is a part of our Engineering and Data Science team. As an Experience Engineer Wojciech excels at creating fast and efficient applications focusing on design, user experience and linking backend APIs with frontend experiences.

Wojciech comes with a Master in Computer Science (MSc) from DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

Portrait of Peter Mehler
Peter Mehler
Data Scientist

Peter is a part of our world-class Data Science team. Peter brings a wide portfolio of data science experience from working with a variety of research groups across several academic institutions.

Alongside his bachelor's and through his gap year, Peter worked with the Middlebury College Oceanography lab, studying the hydrodynamics of Lake Champlain, simulating specifically the effects on the lake's ecosystem through the removal of the road running across the lake.

Peter spent two years at the TrueFood lab at Northeastern University's Center for Complex Networks studying nutrition with machine learning. His work was featured in the Washington Post.

Peter has also worked with the University of Copenhagen's Center for Social Data Science (SODAS), studying the network of code dependencies on GitHub - identifying the most influential users, and confirming a healthy open-source environment on GitHub.

Peter holds a master's in Data Science from IT-Universitetet i København (ITU). Before receiving his scholarship from ITU, Peter completed a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Middlebury College.

Portrait of Cecilie Øbro Chimento Lauridsen
Cecilie Øbro Chimento Lauridsen
Strategy & Execution Associate

Cecilie is a part of Halfspace's strategy and execution team. She brings expertise in business development and innovation through the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

She's highly experienced at applying design thinking to help companies innovate - both in terms of identifying value potential and actually implementing new technologies. At Halfspace, Cecilie helps our clients with strategic business development through the implementation of advanced analytics and AI.

Cecilie has a Master's degree in Digital Innovation and Management from IT-Universitetet Copenhagen (ITU). She brings experience, particularly from the creative industry, where her focus has been on innovation and technical advancement. Before joining Halfspace, Cecilie worked at Danish Architecture Center (Dansk Arkitektur Center), where she took part in transforming it from a small museum to a larger cultural destination, heading a team in charge of developing the experiences at DAC.

Portrait of Tomasz Nawrocki
Tomasz Nawrocki
Senior Data Engineer

Tomasz is a part of our Data Engineering team. With a background in backend, frontend, and devops technologies, Tomasz has proven his ability to tackle various challenges. Before joining Halfspace he worked with a startup in the pharmaceutical e-commerce industry.

Tomasz holds a Master's in Computer Science from DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

Portrait of Anton Schousen
Anton Schousen
Data & Platform Engineer

Anton is a part of the Halfspace engineering team.

He holds an MSc in Computer Science & Engineering from DTU - Technical University of Denmark with main expertise scalable, well-architected, and robust backend solutions.

Portrait of Ahmet Bağlan
Ahmet Bağlan
Senior Data Scientist

Ahmet is a Senior Data Scientist and part of our Advanced Analytics and AI team, helping our clients make better, more informed decisions, faster.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Ahmet worked with BCG GAMMA as a Data Scientist contributing his skills across various industries from healthcare to commercial banking to industrial goods. His background further includes a strong foundation in the financial sector, having spent nearly four years at Nordea, focusing on model risk, product recommendation, customer activity insights, and predictive modeling

Ahmet holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering from the DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

Portrait of Loui Nørgaard Wentzel
Loui Nørgaard Wentzel
Data Engineer

Loui is a part of the Data Engineering team at Halfspace. Loui brings three years of experience as a Data Scientist with his previous employer, where he played a central role in understanding the users and their needs and translating these to concrete analytics projects based on the data at hand and the requested insights.

He comes with a Masters degree from the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen in Particle Physics. For his masters thesis Loui collaborated with CERN, utilising machine learning to optimise a subdetector, allowing this particular subdetector to add insights to the overall output from the Atlas detector when colliding particles within the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

In his past role, Loui has worked closely with all the areas intersecting with data science, such as data governance, data management, law and compliance.

Portrait of Carl Johan Astrup
Carl Johan Astrup
Data Scientist

Carl Johan Astrup is a Data Scientist and part of our data science team at Halfspace. 

He has an academic background from the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen - DIKU and DTU - Technical University of Denmark. During his studies, Carl did exchange at National University of Singapore.

Carl has extensive knowledge from industry where he has worked at DSV - Global Transport and Logistics, primarily working on NLP models. Before this, Carl spent five years at Danske Bank, where he worked with anti-money laundering systems, quantitative finance, and general data science projects.

In his free time, Carl likes to catch up on classic fiction as well as sports.

Portrait of Pernille Hansen
Pernille Hansen
Senior Data Scientist

Pernille is a Senior Data Scientist at Halfspace.

Pernille brings a wealth of experience from her extensive tenure at A.P. Moller - Maersk, where she applied her data science skills across multiple roles. Her rich background is further supported by her academic merits at Aarhus University, where she served as both a Research Assistant and a Teaching Assistant, focusing on empirical research methods and mathematical economics.

Holding a master’s degree in Quantitative Economics from Aarhus University, and having enriched her education as a Graduate Visiting Student at Columbia University, Pernille is well-equipped to handle complex data challenges.

At Halfspace, Pernille is applying her vast expertise in data analysis and econometrics to enhance our offerings, helping our clients across various industries make data-driven decisions and optimise their operations.

Portrait of Katrine Arendt Rasmussen
Katrine Arendt Rasmussen
Senior Data Scientist

Katrine is a Senior Data Scientist and part of our AI and Advanced Analytics team, helping our clients make better, more informed decisions, faster.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Katrine worked with QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey as a Data Scientist and as a generalist with a focus on Operations and Digital Strategy for close to 3 years. Before that, Katrine spent 3 1/2 years as a consultant while studying.

She comes with a MSc in Mathematics and Economics and a specialisation in Operations Research from Aarhus University.

Portrait of Peter Edsberg Møllgaard
Peter Edsberg Møllgaard
Data Scientist

Peter helps our clients leverage their data to make better, more informed decisions, faster. He is a part of our multi-disciplinary team of AI- and data scientists, machine learning engineers, data engineers, project managers and UX researchers. 

He comes with a MSc in Mathematical Modeling and Computing, from DTU - Technical University of Denmark and a PhD within Cognitive Systems, researching human behaviour.

During his PhD, Peter was a visiting student at MIT Media Lab investigating the relationship between nightly phone use and next day activities. Here Peter also became a runner-up in the Samsung x MIT Hackathon, Project the Future of Wellbeing.

Portrait of Asger Sturis Tang 
Asger Sturis Tang 

Asger is a part of multidisciplinary team of AI- and data scientists possessing a full-stack skillset. As such, Asger works across projects to deliver on end-to-end solutions.  

He holds a Master's degree in Business Analytics with a focus on Predictive Analytics at DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

Prior to joining Halfspace, Asger worked as a software consultant at Voli and held a position as a teaching assistant in advanced business analytics at DTU.

Portrait of Mads Berggrein Andersen
Mads Berggrein Andersen
Data Scientist

Mads is a part of our multi-disciplinary team of AI- and data scientists.

Prior to joining Halfspace Mads held a position at Weld Technologies where he managed customers from a wide range of industries including ecommerce, IoT and SaaS and ensured that they leveraged their data to drive significant business results.

Mads holds a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data, DTU and is a former visiting student at Cornell University.

Mads was the winner Microsoft hackathon 2019 where he developed a teaching assistant using Microsoft AI-services and he was a part of EY Talent Training Program 2022.

Portrait of Villads Tristan Stokbro
Villads Tristan Stokbro
Data Scientist

Villads is a part of our multi-disciplinary team of AI- and data scientists.

Villads possesses extensive experience in various fields of AI, ranging from reinforcement learning to deep learning in computer vision. He has successfully completed multiple projects in collaboration with different AI startups, including BrainCapture and

Prior to joining Halfspace, Villads worked at Omicron, where he focused on statistical analysis of clinical trials. His work included conducting network meta-analyses of depression studies.

Villads obtained his Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data from DTU (Technical University of Denmark). As part of his studies, he spent a semester in Australia at the University of Queensland, focusing on advanced algorithmics and high-performance computing.

Portrait of Bartek Żyła
Bartek Żyła
Associate Experience Engineer

Bartek is a part of our engineering team and is currently finishing his Master in Computer Science (MSc) at DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

Before joining Halfspace he was developing frontend of Polish National Information Processing Institute.

Portrait of Ana Vera Vazquez
Ana Vera Vazquez
Associate Data Scientist

Ana Vera Vazquez is an Associate Data Scientist at Halfspace

Ana brings a strong background in data analysis and valuable experience from Copenhagen Offshore Partners, State Farm and The NY Jobs CEO Council.

At Halfspace, Ana will apply her expertise to support our clients across various industries, helping them harness the power of AI for data-driven decisions and optimised operations, so they can make better decisions, faster.

Currently pursuing her Master's in Data Science at IT University of Copenhagen, Ana is enhancing her skills in advanced analytics and machine learning. Her academic foundation in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Queens College provides a solid basis for tackling complex data challenges.


We believe in our team and in what we do. Being a part of Halfspace comes with responsibilities to our clients and to our team. We are all here to help our clients be the best they can be, and are inspired by ideas brought to life by Fried and Heinemeier. These are some of our guiding principles.

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Halfspace is the product

When people ask us - do you have a product? Our answer is simple. Halfspace is our product. The way we think, work and operate is our product. We are here to help our clients accelerate data-driven innovation and to help them make better, more informed decisions, faster.

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We work like a soccer team

We don't have room for self-glorifying individuals. We help our clients as a team. We believe in collective intelligence and use our brain trust to be the best we can be to our clients.

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Summer hours

During summer we work 4 days a week. This is from 1st June - 31st July, every year.

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Serve our partners well

Our philosophy is simple. If we serve our clients well, they will serve us well.

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Every three years, team members are eligible to take one month paid sabbatical.


"Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it" - Niels Bohr

We value diversity of background, knowledge, curiosity and perspective, and are always looking for great people. For recruitment enquiries, please send your CV to: