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Why Halfspace?
Why Halfspace?

Hands-on and results-driven. This is Halfspace. We were founded by a group of games- and computer science experts who wanted to bring their experience from practical and proven game strategies to industry, to help make AI real across industries.

Our ultimate success is the success of our clients. That's why we don’t apply one-size-fits-all approaches in our projects, but tailor our solutions to our clients’ specific needs. Last but not least, we make sure our solutions get implemented properly.

We know how to monetize innovations and transform businesses to keep ahead in the digital world. From strategies to tangible outcomes, our solutions are made to last.

Our mission statement

To bring the power of artificial intelligence to industry and to deliver quality and value, greater than our clients expect, whenever we engage, while creating a space which attracts the brightest, most curious and most talented people. 

Ways of working
Ways of working

Assessing and identifying business needs with data-driven approach

Our world-class team uses an analytical and data-driven approach to assess and identify the needs and desired outcomes of our clients' business. We pride ourselves with the motto; Quality Above All.

Handling and preparing vast amounts of data

We are experts in handling and preparing vast amounts of data, and construct datasets from raw data by using both internal and external data sources. By relating this data to your business challenges, we provide insights to help drive better decision-making.

Advancing insights with advanced analytics

Our team designs, builds and tests predictive and prescriptive models to advance insights and improve your decision-making process. We evaluate the performance and ensure that advanced analytics provide valuable insights that can drive better outcomes.

A winning combination
A winning combination

Solving the hardest problems

We believe combining novel technology and great minds is the key to solving some of the most challenging problems. That's why we combine knowledge from renowned academic research institutions, technology frontrunners, and top-tier consulting firms.

Dedicated expert team

By doing so, we can provide every client with dedicated experts in AI, advanced analytics, commercial excellence, and operational excellence who can support them with cutting-edge techniques.

Build bespoke and modular
Build bespoke and modular

Bespoke and modular

No two challenges are identical – and to unlock the full potential, solutions should be tailored and edge cases actively managed. This is why Halfspace advocates the usage of bespoke solutions building from a suite of open-source and proprietary elements.

Engine driven

We also recognise that each challenge is unique. However, there will be overlap between the challenges. As a result, we've developed a suite of engines based on our learnings from each challenge. Utilising these will remove friction and accelerate innovation to sustained value generation.

An award winning way of working

Our way of working has resulted in award-winning solutions for our clients.

Award Winner 2024 Edelman Award
Awarded Gazelle 2023
Award winner 'Return on Investment' (ROI) at Danish Digital Awards (DDA) 2023
Award winner 'Data Science' at Danish Digital Awards (DDA) 2023
Awarded Gazelle 2022
Highly commended by UK AI & Machine Learning Awards 2022
Award winner 'Data Science' at Danish Digital Awards (DDA) 2022
Awarded Gazelle 2021
Awarded Best AI Consultancy by Global AI Industry Award 2021
Named 2021 Industry Leader by Data Breakthrough Awards
Winner - UK AI & Machine Learning Awards 2021 - Business Transformation of the Year - Taking AI on board
Awarded Best Data Analytics & AI Consultancy in Scandinavia by TIA 2021
Runner-Up IDC Data Strategy & Innovation 2021 Awards
Finalist OpenCV AI Competition 2021 - The World's biggest Spatial-AI competition
Winner of Microsoft Award 2021 in Denmark “Optimising Operations” - Helping Danish Medicines Agency fight COVID-19
Awarded Gazelle 2020
Award winner 'Analytics & AI' at Danish Digital Awards (DDA) 2020
Award winner 'Innovation' at Danish Digital Awards (DDA) 2020
Award winner 'Marketing Automation' at Danish Digital Awards (DDA) 2020
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