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Microsoft partnership

Through our Microsoft Partnership we have access to one of the leading research companies in artificial intelligence, OpenAI.

Halfspace offers a range of powerful APIs that can help businesses and organisations incorporate cutting-edge Generative AI technology into their operations. Here are some of the APIs we offer.

Experience the Power of OpenAI with Halfspace
APIs you get access to
APIs you get access to

GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 API provides access to the latest advances in natural language processing, allowing you to generate human-like text, complete sentences, and even write coherent articles.

DALL-E API is designed for image generation, allowing you to generate unique and creative images based on natural language descriptions.

Whisper API can transcribe speech into text and translate many languages into English.

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With Halfspace's access to OpenAI's APIs, we can help you take advantage of the latest Generative AI technology, improve your operations, and gain a competitive edge in your industry. We will help you unlock key advantages.

Ready-made solutions saves time and resources.
Access to the latest Generative AI technology in NLP, deep learning, and image recognition.
Lower costs without expensive hardware.
Scalable APIs for large-scale data processing.
Highly optimized APIs for improved accuracy and efficiency.
Customizable APIs for specialized Generative AI systems.
Reduced risk with expert AI researchers and developers.
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