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Reducing accidents and incidents at sea
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Together with Mærsk Drilling, we improved offshore safety using AI-powered information sharing. Reducing accidents and incidents at sea by changing how information is captured and shared across the organisation.

In brief
In brief


Reduce accidents at sea with a sharp focus on Health, safety, security and the environment.


Provide Maersk Drilling with best-practice safety reports across all rigs by extracting data from thousands of documents.

AI's contribution

AI-enabled thousands of data points to be ingested. Automated work instructions with recommendation and suggestion engines made report creation faster.

PDF, Word and Excel files turned into a standard format
Machine learning and NLP algorithms developed and implemented

Safety above all

Having one of the youngest and most advanced fleets in the industry with 24 rigs, Maersk Drilling wanted to challenge traditional safety thinking. They wanted to share best practices in Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) across rigs. Having safety as a top priority, Maersk Drilling's ambition was clear: zero serious incidents. Their focus was onHealth,safety, security and the environment.

Many safety documents are in many formats, including handwritten, XML, pdf, word, and excel, making them difficult to read and share. Documents were stored on local servers at sea due to limited internet access, making sharing between rigs virtually impossible. Using intelligent technologies to make safety reports more useful, Maersk Drilling wanted to improve the way knowledge and experience were shared across rigs.

Building a digital core

By developing a single format language, Halfspace enabled Maersk Drilling to extract data from thousands of documents. As a result, Maersk Drilling was able to share knowledge and use best-practice safety reports across all rigs.

In addition to transforming document wording, abbreviations, and expressions into one common format, Halfspace developed machine-learning algorithms to enhance safety reports and work instructions. The report creation process was improved and sped up with recommendation and suggestion algorithms.

Automated safety

Organisations with working procedures where safety is of essence need solutions that can help them work better and more safely. AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) can optimise work procedures and make dangerous work safer.

Using Halfspace's advanced data analytics and machine learning expertise, Maersk Drilling workers now receive automated intelligent and qualified safety recommendations. Recommendations based on machine learning algorithms that increase safety and minimise the risk of work accidents.

Key takeaway

With AI-powered intelligent recommendations for better workflow, companies can improve their efficiency and productivity and reduce working accidents.

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