Transforming Event Discovery with Generative AI: Halfspace Case Study
Navigating 3.200 events and 200 venues using Generative AI
Generative AI

We developed a groundbreaking web app that leverages the recent advances in generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) to transform the event discovery process for Denmark's Folkemødet (we are in no way affiliated or paid by Folkemødet). The web app lets users navigate close to 3.200 activities through an intuitive conversational interface.

In brief
In brief


Folkemødet is a Danish festival celebrating Democracy. With more than 200 venues and close to 3.200 events during three days it has by far the most extensive festival program in Denmark. The extensive program makes it difficult for users to find activities tailored to their interests and it's hard to navigate leaving users with a paradox of choice.


Halfspace, a Microsoft AI partner, used OpenAI's advanced APIs to develop a web app powered by large language models connected directly to Folkemødets event schedule, allowing users to interact with the program in a conversational manner. The app goes beyond keyword-based recommendations, by understanding context and user intent to deliver event suggestions on demand using generative AI.

Generative AI's contribution

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in all aspects of the app. From intelligent event search and filtering to generating a bespoke response. By employing state-of-the-art NLP techniques, the app can decipher the intent behind user input and extract pertinent information to offer relevant information in a natural way.

A word from our partners

"Our personal experience revealed the difficulty in navigating the program and events. We seized the opportunity to employ Generative AI, creating a solution with broad benefits. It's a compelling showcase of how Generative AI genuinely enhances experiences for all."

Rasmus Nørregaard, Partner & Chief Analytics Officer, Halfspace


Effortless navigation

Halfspace's use of Microsoft and OpenAI's APIs brings an AI-powered web app that revolutionizes event discovery for Folkemødet. With close to 3.200 activities to explore, navigating the extensive program can be challenging. However, the web app overcomes this hurdle by leveraging advanced AI algorithms. Attendees can now easily find relevant events amidst the vast selection, thanks to the app's user-friendly interface and intelligent organization.

AI-generated suggestions

The Halfspace web app tackles the overwhelming number of events by providing information created by Generative AI. By analyzing user inputs, previous selections, and contextual factors, the app generates tailored event suggestions. Attendees receive a curated list of activities aligned with their specific interests, ensuring a more meaningful and engaging experience at Folkemødet.

Easy planning

In addition to suggestions, the Halfspace web app simplifies event planning through AI-driven search and filtering features. Attendees can effortlessly search for events based on location, date, topic, or speaker. The app's AI algorithms intelligently filter through the extensive program, presenting attendees with a refined selection that matches their preferences. Attendees can easily add what they like to their own calendar, or the in-app bookmark feature. This streamlined process helps attendees save time and discover the most relevant events with ease.

Key takeaway

The Halfspace web app transforms event planning for Folkemødet attendees by offering a natural interaction form tailored to individual preferences. This innovative solution saves time, enhances user experiences, and demonstrates the power of AI in simplifying complex tasks. Halfspace's partnership with Microsoft/OpenAI exemplifies our commitment to leveraging AI technology to meet human needs, setting a new standard for event planning applications.

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