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1st EU country to lift all COVID-19 restrictions
Danish Medicines Agency
Improve decision making

During the Covid pandemic, a part of Danish authorities urgently needed expert insight, guidance and hands-on development from a Halfspace expert team to help collect, structure and confirm correctness of critical data in Denmark.

In brief
In brief


Lack of transparency in national stock levels and critical supplies.


Danish authorities gained direct insight into COVID-19-related data across all of Denmark with fully automated data pipelines.

Advanced Analytics' role

Supply chains and stock levels of critical medical equipment are now transparent for the Danish Medicines Agency. These are all insights that can help assist in navigating outbreaks and saving lives in the future.

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European country to remove all COVID-19 restrictions
Daily stock data sources aggregated
What our client says

"Halfspace has really stood up to the task and delivered great value during this enormous challenge. Their ability to understand, analyse, develop and implement a data-driven solution has been impressive and given us great insight in vast amounts of data across regions in Denmark"

Project Executive, Danish Authorities


A desperate need

A part of Danish authorities urgently needed expert insight from a highly specialised data analytics team to help collect, structure, connect and confirm the correctness of critical and relevant data across Denmark, in order to minimise potential disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fast execution

Halfspace established fully automated ETL pipelines (Extract, Transform, Load) for several data sources. We orchestrated it with Azure Data Factory and transformed it with Apache Spark in Databricks. As a result, the Danish authorities were able to access COVID-19-related data across the entire country. 

A digital core

Today the Danish Medicines Agency have full transparency of their supply chains and stock levels of critical medical equipment. This make them able to navigate with high precision and speed, when the next virus outbreak might happen.

Key takeaways

Any organisation can benefit from capturing, analysing and sharing vast amounts of data to gain insights and thereby enhance decision-making. Being able to take precautions, plan and react well in advance is crucial in order to ensure supply chain efficiency whether in the public or private sector.

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