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From Hype to Value Creation with Generative AI
Generative AI

Ørsted, a global leader in renewable energy, is partnering with Halfspace to accelerate their roll-out of value-adding GenAI applications.



Ørsted is constantly seeking to innovate and has sky-high ambitions to embrace the transformational potential of Generative AI. To succeed there is a need to focus on GenAI solutions that both deliver immediate business value and can be scaled to be truly transformational.


Building on work at Ørsted in identifying transformational GenAI applications in a central business process, Ørsted and Halfspace partnered to pinpoint exactly where business value could best be realized. Together,  they accelerated the development of a GenAI solution that delivers on the identified potential, focusing on fast turn-around and addressing a key pain point for the business. 

Approach to Artificial intelligence

Together Ørsted and Halfspace Thought Big, But Started Small, by building a focused GenAI solution targeting a key pain point to deliver value quickly, while ensuring the solution was a step on the road to transforming a central business process end-to-end. The delivery was pursued in close collaboration between Halfspace and Ørsted AI experts, and with continuous business involvement to ensure constant value focus.

Workshops to qualify and focus GenAI use cases identified by Ørsted
Pilot solution in the hands of business users
Initial foundation for an end-to-end transformation of key business processes
A word from the client

“Our partnership with Halfspace has been excellent. We had a strong collaboration and the team has built an excellent Generative AI tool. On top of that, Halfspace succeeded in engaging and communicating with a very large group of stakeholders, to ensure relevance with the business end-users and buy-in from executive management.”

Matthias Trischler, Sr. Digital Innovation Strategist & Deputy Manager 

Good to keep in mind
Good to keep in mind

Embrace Tailored AI Solutions

Developing tailored AI solutions that harness the power of GenAI to address specific challenges is key. Combining industry knowledge with AI expertise creates seamlessly integrated solutions that deliver measurable results.

Accelerate Through Collaboration

Collaborating with AI experts like Halfspace enables companies to tap into specialized knowledge to design value-adding AI solutions and accelerate their development. In this case, the successful outcome was driven by a close collaboration between Halfspace, Ørsted’s in-house AI developers, and the business – enabling both extensive technical knowledge sharing and leveraging deep domain knowledge in Ørsted.

Communicate Ambition Across the Organization

Achieving a transformational impact with AI requires buy-in across an organization. This was achieved by ensuring sponsorship from executive management by clear communication of long-term transformational potential, buy-in from business by addressing current pain point fast, technical anchoring by co-building in a team of Halfspace and Ørsted developers, and finally sharing the ambition and tool across Ørsted by producing high-quality product branding material.

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