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Using AI to create a truly personalized newsfeed from 80+ news sources
AI Platform

Horizon Scanner rethinks the way users access and navigate news and trends from around the world. Powered by advanced AI technologies, we have developed an innovative newswire and analytics tool that offers curated content tailored to individual preferences.

In brief
In brief


Staying informed in today's fast-paced world can be overwhelming, with an abundance of news sources and topics to choose from. Users struggle to find relevant and timely information that aligns with their interests, resulting in information overload and missed opportunities.


Horizon Scanner, an AI-driven newswire and analytics tool, leverages state-of-the-art machine learning models and natural language processing techniques to curate content from over 80+ sources and presents them in a personalized and easily digestible format.

AI's contribution

Built on top of the Horizon Platform, Artificial Intelligence is at the core of Horizon Scanner's functionality. Our advanced algorithms analyze contextual factors to deliver customized news feeds and trend insights. The AI-powered system intelligently selects and prioritizes news articles, ensuring users receive the most relevant and engaging content.

At a glance
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Streamlined news and trend discovery

Horizon Scanner, powered by Halfspace's AI expertise, streamlines the process of discovering news and trends across a wide range of sources. With access to over 80+ reputable news outlets and companies worldwide, users can easily stay informed on the topics that matter to them.

Personalized news feeds

The Horizon Scanner platform employs AI technologies to create personalized news feeds tailored to individual preferences. By understanding user behavior and interests, the system curates a selection of news articles that align with each user's specific needs, enabling a more efficient and enjoyable news consumption experience.

Cross-platform accessibility

Horizon Scanner ensures users can access news and trends seamlessly across multiple platforms. Whether on desktop or mobile devices, our AI-powered tool provides a consistent and user-friendly interface for a seamless news browsing experience.

Key takeaway

Horizon Scanner transforms news discovery by harnessing the power of AI. With our innovative newswire and analytics tool, users can effortlessly access and navigate news and trends from a diverse range of sources. The personalized approach, powered by AI algorithms, enables users to stay up-to-date, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the competition. All without the clickbait.

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