346% increase in earnings over three years


346% increase in earnings over three years

One of the world's leading sports trading advisory companies sees 346% increase in earnings by using advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms.



Combined data sources

Prioritising, structuring and combining more than 100 data sources from inside and outside of the organisation in an advanced data ecosystem.


Increase in earnings

Advancing insights through fast, reliable visualizations and actionable tools, helping LBP increase earnings over three years by 346%.

Halfspace is the best-in-class data analytics- and engineering team for our business. As our go-to development partner, Halfspace has kept us ahead of the curve and the competition every step of the way.

Dr. jur. Thomas Dillon, Managing Director, LBP


LBP, one of the world’s leading sports advisory trading companies, were looking to enhance their real-time analytics capabilities for their rapidly expanding business. As ever more data became available, management wanted to develop sophisticated state-of-the-art, deep-insight, data-driven decision making tools, to inform and enhance trader decisions beyond traditional business intelligence tools.

The challenge was how to manage and effectively utilize their vast amounts of data which had been collected in many years, but not used properly due to lack in data-structure, data-ecosystems and analysing capabilities. LBP wanted to connect billions of data points from myriad data sources to find patterns and achieve deeper insights in their client-advisory team on potential market-development throughout market events.


LBP hired Halfspace to assist the company assess, analyze, prioritize and develop an advanced data ecosystem followed by the process "From data to decision making".

Halfspace has helped LBP in the following areas:

  1. Identifying how to better use internal and external data to gain new insights to improve performance within the organization.
  2. Developing an advanced data ecosystem combining more than 100 data sources by extracting, cleaning and standardizing data to one single source of information.
  3. Developing several algorithms and models based on the data ecosystem, advancing data-driven decision making processes.
  4. Capturing and visualizing data from several advanced business intelligence- and analytics tools.
  5. Creating a scalable, low latency platform infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

The advanced data-analytics tools developed by Halfspace now support LBP and their stakeholders at all levels - from operational to managerial, helping them delivering the best advices and decisions on behalf of their clients.

The partnership between LBP and Halfspace has been ongoing for several years and has now embarked into a new phase where Halfspace are currently developing several machine learning algorithms and prediction models to better forecast the outcome of live sports.

The Key Takeaway

In a world where vast amounts of data are created every second, organizations can achieve strategic advantages over their competitors by using the power of advanced data analytics. Whether it be to optimize business fields such as sales, logistics, resource management, predicting outcomes or forecast business operations.

By using billions of historical and real-time data points and developing advanced data analytics models, time-series predictions and machine learning solutions, LBP now has an intelligent proprietary decision support tools to help them advice clients on future outcomes in live sports events.

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